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Episode 1 – UBI: What it is?

Duration: 12:31 740

Unconditional Basic Income or UBI. Do you know the acronym? Probably not. But over the next few months we will explain you what it is. Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) is a measure debated all over the world, that is starting to be discussed in Portugal and Europe and that has a specific goal. To guarantee that all citizens are free from poverty and social exclusion, through the allocation of this income. Throughout 12 episodes, we will question the social, economic, […]

Episode 2 – UBI: Technology, employment, and companies

Duration: 304

Having a job for life that guarantees your economic and financial stability? The truth is that we don’t know if that is possible. The job world as we knew it has changed. Machines have taken the place of many people and, even the most qualified workers, live in the iminence of being replaced by robots and artificial intelligence. How can we act fast and get around the quick technological development? We live in a unique era, where the challenge of […]

Episode 3 – UBI: Poverty and social inequalities

Duration: 214

It is said that we are born equal, but equal in what measure? Reality shows that we are becoming ever more unequal. More than half of the world’s wealth is in the hands of only 1 per cent of the population. It is not getting rich that is worrying, it is the distribution of that wealth. The Covid-19 pandemic showed that we’re not as strong as we thought, that we are all more vulnerable and that we cannot continue to […]

Episode 4 – UBI: Leisure & Culture – premiere 30/11/21

Duration: 155

Work can’t be the only way to valorise a human being. Time or money? It would be good to have both in a balanced way, but they insist on not being compatible in our society. Though they should be. We don’t need to value ourselves only through work and we must invest time in what makes us happy and promotes social life. But… is it that impossible to reconcile the two? Can UBI be a solution? Come and learn about […]

Episode 5 – UBI: Education, research, and citizenry

Duration: 187

Education is what allows us, citizens, to make correct choices for our literary, intelectual, artistic and spiritual development. But the educational system did not evolve and stagnated in the 19th century. We need to reinvent it and guarantee that it is the basis of personal and community development. If you want to know how we can do it, come and learn about the UBI. Speakers VIEW FULL INTERVIEW (COMING SOON) Carla Barroso is a LL.M. Student in European and Transglobal […]

Episode 6 – UBI: Gender equality

Duration: 01:58 214

Can UBI help women emancipate? Does it help in decision making, to guarantee that inequalities within inequalities are blurred? Or, on the contrary, is it an invitation for women to dedicate more time to activities they value? Come and learn more about the UBI. Speakers VIEW FULL INTERVIEW (COMING SOON) Joacine Katar Moreira is an Afro-Portuguese historian, activist and politician. She was elected to the Portuguese Parliament on the lists of the LIVRE party, but on 3 February 2020 became […]

Episode 7 – UBI: Preventive healthcare

Duration: 188

We live to treat disease and forget that the most important is to take care of our health. Society doesn’t prevent physical and mental ilnesses and the pandemic exposed serious depression, stress, anxiety, and suicide problems. Is it possible to overcome the statistics and guarantee that health is a priority from the first day of life? The answer can be here. Come and learn about the UBI. Speakers VIEW FULL INTERVIEW (COMING SOON) Nuno Alvim has a degree in Law […]

Episode 8 – UBI: Development of the rural world

Duration: 179

More and more people decide to run away from big cities and move to the countryside. The tranquility and the quality of life are attractive, but there is a lack of services, infrastructures and means. Life in the countryside is promising, but without support… nothing can be done. Do you want to change your life too? UBI may be a way. Come and learn about the UBI. Speakers VIEW FULL INTERVIEW (COMING SOON) Florival Baiôa Monteiro is a retired teacher, […]

Episode 9 – UBI: Regenerative ecology

Duration: 160

We are less than 7 years from the “point of no return”, that moment when we can’t do anything to avoid the big effects of climate change. It is urgent to radically change the production, distribution and consumption system to a decarbonized and regenerative economy. And we need everyone for that. No one can be left out. If you want to be a part of the solution, come and learn about the UBI. Speakers VIEW FULL INTERVIEW (COMING SOON) Gil […]

Episode 10 – UBI: How to finance it?

Duration: 316

It’s UBI’s main question: how to finance it? The values from tax evasion, corruption, shadow economy and the money diverted to tax havens alone would assure almost 50 billion euros that could be applied in this measure. But it all starts by evaluating the real economic and social costs of the current paradigm and then gradually experiment the implementation on a local and regional level before moving to a national solution. Come and learn about the UBI. Speakers VIEW FULL […]

Episode 11 – UBI: Portugal, Europe, and the World

Duration: 163

UBI is not a new idea. In fact, since the 16th century several historians present it as a solution to a fairer and more dignified society. In Europe and in the rest of the world, several successful pilot projects show that UBI can adapt to many realities and that results are promising. Portugal is in a crucial moment for the development of a pilot project. You want to know what it would be like? Come and learn about the UBI. […]

Episode 12 – UBI: The time is now!

Duration: 108

No one is too small to make a difference. A project like UBI depends on all of us, from the most varied walks of life. Every single one of us can make something to change the course of History. If you want to help this issue to be debated at the European level, sign and share the European Citizens’ Initiative that calls for the European Commission to start this experience. We have until 25 June 2022 to gather 1 million […]