The documentary series “RBI: A Path to Freedom” consists of 12 episodes. Do you want to know which ones?

Avatar | 02/11/2021


This is the key idea behind this 12-episode documentary project about the implementation of an Unconditional Basic Income, produced by MEP Francisco Guerreiro, member of the Greens/European Free Alliance.

In this series, we approach the subject in a pragmatic way, with the presence of more than 50 national and international individualities from several political areas and from civil society, academia, associations and companies.

Episode titles

  1. RBI: What is it?
  2. RBI: Technology, employment and companies
  3. RBI: Poverty and social inequalities
  4. RBI: Leisure and culture
  5. RBI: Education, Research and Citizenship
  6. RBI: Gender Equality
  7. RBI: Preventive health
  8. RBI: Development of the Rural World
  9. RBI: Regenerative Ecology
  10. RBI: How to finance it
  11. RBI: Portugal, Europe and World
  12. RBI: The time is now!


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