Presentation in Vila Nova de Gaia

Avatar | 02/11/2021

At this event, in Vila Nova de Gaia, on November 26th, from 6 pm, we will address challenging topics such as culture, education and gender equality.

The episodes we will present are:

4th episode: Leisure and culture

5th episode: Education, research and citizenship

6th episode: Gender Equality

After the episodes, we will be discussing the challenges faced in society by these three distinct but fundamental areas.

Invited to this debate are Roberto Merrill, President of the Association ‘Unconditional Basic Income Portugal’ and university professor at the University of Minho; one of the main drivers of UBI in Portugal, Lina Coelho, Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra and Researcher in the department of Science, Economy and Society of the Center for Social Studies (CES); and Helena de Sousa Freitas, Journalist, Translator and Reviewer. The debate will be moderated by MEP Francisco Guerreiro.

The event in Vila Nova de Gaia, on November 26th, will be chaired by the President of the City Hall of Gaia, Professor Dr. Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues, who will deliver the opening speech.

These are just the first two events.

The documentary will also be presented in other Portuguese cities.

Stay tuned and register.


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