The Portalegre Arts and Show Center will receive three new episodes of the documentary series “RBI: A path to Freedom”.

Avatar | 05/02/2022

The event features the opening speech of the Mayor of Portalegre, Fermelinda Carvalho.

In Portalegre the episodes will be presented:

7th episode: RBI and Preventive Health

8th episode: RBI and development of the Rural World

9th episode: RBI and Regenerative Ecology

After the episodes aired, we talked about the future.

Why do we have to discuss the future of society, in all the areas that we cover in the episodes? Why is it increasingly urgent to do so? What could be at stake in our survival?

In this debate, moderated by MEP Francisco Guerreiro, we have the contributions of Bárbara Leão, CEO of Biovilla, Alfredo Sendim, mentor of Herdade do Freixo do Meio and Florival Baiôa, of the ‘Beja Deserves More’ Movement.


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